Trex Fencing Installation Guides

To help provide you with the basics for measuring, scoping and installing your project, download Trex Fencing installation guides. And if you’re feeling overwhelmed, consider hiring a Trex Specialist to build your fence for you.

Looking to install a gate? If you don’t already have your own plans, you may want to consider purchasing a pre-built gate from Trex. Special installation instructions are also available to help you quickly mount and adjust the gate.

One of the benefits of a “stick-build” fence system is that you can modify heights and angles to accommodate slopes. There’s a little math involved, but don’t worry, it’s actually fairly simple to figure out with our slope calculator.

Sometimes posts need to go on top of existing concrete walls. It’s actually easier than you might think! Because the Trex post is hollow, it is easy to mount. And, because the internal support is hidden in the wall, the result is a clean, attractive appearance without the utilitarian look of external post bases.  Another popular design, particularly for perimeter fencing, is to install Trex fencing between masonry pillars such as brick columns. The instructions below will help you integrate your fence seamlessly into the pillars creating a elegant and stately design.


PDF IconFence Installation Guide

PDF IconSingle Gate Installation Guide

PDF IconDouble Gate Installation Guide

PDF IconSlope Chart Calculation

PDF IconMounting Posts on Concrete Wall

PDF IconMounting Fence to Pillars